The Alumni Association of the College, 'Govt. Serchhip College Alumni' since its inception, has always been offering extensive support for the betterment of the institution in ways that multiply the opportunities and enhance the skill-sets of students as well as the infrastructure. However, registration of the Association as a society under the Societies Registration Act has been done only quite recently. The Institution on its part does its bit in nurturing the Alumni Association by setting up The Alumni Support Cell to encourage them to contribute significantly for the development of the Institution through financial and non-financial means. One Full length mirror in the teachers’ common room, bathroom mirrors both in the administrative complex and academic complex, wall clock for IQAC room are recent additions to the institution on their initiative. Besides, the efforts of the 5 (five) teachers who are members of the alumni association is commendable in this regard. Being the sole institution catering to the needs of higher education in the district, its alumni members invariably hold critical leadership positions in their respective communities, thereby setting exemplary standard for the present students. The Alumni Association organized webinars where prominent alumni members are invited as resource persons to augment and enrich the learning experience of the students by elaborating on their field experiences, life lessons and other relevant areas. Alumni members are the active members of important organs like IQAC, RUSA PMU, and other significant committees , thus participating and contributing ceaselessly for the betterment of the institution. The Alumni Association was formed in the year 2006 with a great zeal and enthusiasm. The Alumni Association member consists of students who passed out from Govt. Serchhip College.